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A Window for Every Patient

A Window For Every Patient.
A Window For Every Patient.

The ward design breaks away from the norm with its innovative fan shape. This revolutionary design, which provides a window for every patient, is expected to significantly improve ventilation in the ward as well as maximise natural light.

These attributes not only enhance patient comfort and recovery, they also allow for improved infection control and more spacious and conducive working areas for hospital staff.

More comfort with enhanced Personal Space and Privacy

A Window for Every Patient Optimising Natural Light without the Glare
Patients can have enhanced privacy when they sleep on their side. Instead of facing the patient in the next bed, they can choose to face their own window. They can also draw the curtains, maintain a good ventilation as well as enjoy a view of the outside through their windows. Soothing views of sky gardens at every floor to create a conducive healing environment for patients and a pleasant experience for visitors. Strategically planted greenery outside every patient's window and small gardens at visitor areas brings the feeling of the exterior into an otherwise urban hospital. Orientation of ward towers optimises day lighting while reducing glare. Sun angles and orientation throughout the year were studied to optimise shading for improved lighting and reduced glare for the wards


Conventional Ward Design New Fan-shaped Ward Design - Better Airflow

The minimum comfort level is airflow of at least 0.6 m/s. Conventional rectangular shaped wards has acceptable airflow (green and yellow areas) through the windows at the end of the ward. This benefits only patients next to the window. Beds at the inner corners receive poor airflow (circled blue areas). The entire new ward design now enjoys higher airflow (more yellow areas). Introduction of additional windows at every bed promotes air entry even to the corner beds, minimising areas of still air (less blue areas).
The fan-shaped ward design is further enhanced by North-South orientation and the curvilinear, aerodynamic form of the subsidised ward tower, which takes advantage of the prevailing wind conditions to promote enhanced airflow. The corridors are also single loaded to maximise airflow throughout the entire structure.
The concept of "A Window for Every Patient", with the unique configuration of the ward module, has resulted in enhanced natural ventilation for these subsidised wards of NTFGH and JCH.


Enhanced Ventilation with Orientation and Slender Floor Plate of Ward Towers